06 November 2007

Royal Caribbean!

Our Next Adventure!

We have booked a 7 night cruise! We will be sailing with my sister Alissa, and brother-in-law Mike.
Cruise line: Royal Caribbean, Ship: "Mariner of the Seas"!

We will be setting sail September 7th at 5PM. We will be departing out of Cape Canaveral, Florida and will be stopping at 4 locations: Labadee, Haiti; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; George Town, Cayman Islands; and Cozumel, Mexico. Luckily for Philip and I, I have accumulated enough miles through the Alaska Air Mileage program to fly us free to Orlando! Woo Hoo!

The days we have at sea will surely be exciting! The extravagant "Mariner of the Seas" is equipped with a basketball court, rock climbing wall, jogging track, dance clubs, ice cream shops, game nights, golf centers, ice-skating rinks, in-line skating tracks, karaoke night, shuffleboard, indoor and outdoor pools, video arcade, yoga classes, full spa, volleyball, cinema, late night buffets.... etc. You get the picture! =)
We'll also be spending an extra day in Orlando and possibly making a stop at Blizzard Beach, Disney World. Which is rated the 2nd best water park in the US.

Although far away, we're pretty excited about it! Everyone always needs something to look forward to, right?! I will fulfill my desire to be on a beautiful beach and sunbath in hot weather, and Philip will accomplish his mission of going to a new country every year! And I figure this also counts toward our 1 year anniversary present to ourselves!

In other news, Philip has diagnosed himself with the following: Lactose Intolerance, A Dairy Allergy, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Sleep Apnea, and last but not least, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
Although it's all quite dramatic, we are pluggin on through, despite all his many handicaps! ;-)


Sylvia said...

OK Mandy, tell me your cabin number so I can get the one right next door! You think I'm kidding??
Sounds exciting, I'm ready for my next vacation. But I am concerned that I have a son-in-law with all those defects, was there full disclosure before the wedding?

Lissa said...

Whoo hoo! Caribbean here we come. I am so excited to have something (admittedly a bit far off on the horizon)to look forward to. Good thinking self! Now to finish our plans...hehehehehe, all in good time.
P.s. I think everyone has a bit of ADD now and again. It's overrated. Me? I have a cold. Now THAT is something.

Roy said...

Hey, last time I was on a big boat they were paying me......It was grey all over.

There's a way to cure all of those ailments. Give me a holler and I'll fill you in.......

Just spent a full month in the mountains north of the North Fork of the Salmon river. Way better than one of those cruise things. No other people to worry about. No bath, shave or change of clothes. My own little part to save the planet.

Went from 220+ to 206. Took my special stuff and all symptoms of things like Type 1 or 3 or whatever went away.

Will see ya soon.