26 December 2007

Christmas is a wrap!

Our first Christmas together married was fabulous!! 

Although I did find out everything that Philip was getting me and ruined the surprise, he kept a good light hearted spirit about it. I'm a snoop, what can I say? Lesson learned for next year, right Philip? =) 
This sums up our day 12/25/2007:
We woke up around 8:30 and opened gifts we had for each other in our cute little apartment. Although we missed Jeffrey a bunch, (he stayed overnight with my mom on Christmas Eve) we had a wonderful morning together. Next we headed off to Nichole and Chad's (Philip's sister and Bro-in-law). We got there just as the family was unwrapping presents. The Richeson's were there, (Chad's parents) what a treat that was -- they are wonderful people. Little Alison (2 y/o) was both excited and overwhelmed by all the gifts! Amy(6 months old) couldn't get any cuter just sitting around oblivious to what was going on.  And the adults were the ones ripping apart the gift wrap anxious to see what was inside! We made out with some pretty amazing stuff. Next we ate home made gumbo that Chad and Philip had worked on preparing the eve before. Yummy! And to our pleasant surprise the snow came!!! We finally got our white Christmas. Too bad it didn't last very long! But we're thankful for the few hours it lasted.

We then headed off to my Mom's house, it's like a winter wonderland over there!! There are decorations galore. Its makes the holiday extra special. My sister and her husband were there along with their puppy Charlie and my pup Jeffrey as. Awaiting us, was a delicious dinner and lots more presents. The biggest surprise of the night was the gift we got my mom. We bought her a new LCD TV! Bout time she got a new TV. We made her go wait in her bedroom while we set it up! She was surprised and loves it. Success! Amazing how great it feels to give to others and watch their joy. 
Around 9 PM we decided it was time for the festivities to end. Bummer. Most of us had work waiting for us the next morning sometime between 7 and 8 AM. Lame.

The whole season has been warm with love from family and friends all around. With all the craziness and stress of the holidays we didn't forget what Christmas is truly about and we are so grateful. Thanks to everyone that added to our special Christmas! We love you all.
Mandy & Philip


Sylvia said...

Hey guys, nice to finally see the blog updated. It's about time! I like the pictures too. And thanks bunches for the TV. Love you both!!

Leah said...

Sounds and looks like you all had a great Christmas! And the pictures are so cute!

Nancy said...

Loved all the pics! Glad you had a great Christmas. Thanks for getting Doc that movie - he couldn't believe that you found it!