05 February 2008

Hockey pucks and brawls

Our first hockey game together.

Everett Silvertips VS Vancouver Giants

A friend of mine from work had some extra tickets to the hockey game on Saturday. So Mandy and I made the long trek from Sammamish to Everett! That's a long trek for us anyway! haha We don't get out much!
We ate dinner at the Thai place right across from the Everett Events Center. It was really good, and nothing gets the evening going like some spicy Thai food.
The Tips lost, but it was a really fun time. I had never been to a hockey game before so it was something new for me. Hockey players are feisty, we saw a fight between several of the players mid-game, but we left with 2 min left on the clock and missed the all out brawl that happened after the game. Dang!

I happen to like hockey games. For some reason my competitive side comes out. Even though Everett should've been the team I was rooting for - I didn't much care who won. There's something about a bunch of guys trying to hit a little puck with a stick that intrigues me. Ha ha. It's probably pretty hard to make a goal while sliding around on the ice, but it made me so mad that they constantly missed. But hey, I couldn't have done much better. =) Bummer we didn't make it on the 'kiss me' cam though. Schucks, maybe next time? Nevertheless, I have determined that hockey is probably one of the most entertaining sports to watch!!


Sylvia said...

Wow, my daughter at a hockey game!! I'm sure if you had the chance Mandy, you could have shown them up! Keep on bloggin, it's fun to read. And I do look for updates.