04 March 2008

Back from Vallarta!!

Okay so back to rainy Seattle!! But really, I'm glad to be home! I missed Jeffrey and Philip so much! Despite that though, I had an awesome time!! We enjoyed our hotel, it was perfect for what we needed. Would have preferred our section of the beach area to be a little bigger but no big deal!

I think the most fun part of the trip was the Canopy Tours, were we went zip-lining. There were 14 different lines, and the longest one stretched about 4 football fields long and had us zipping over a beautiful river in the middle of the jungle. We had a pretty large group of people in our tour so they had us on a constant move... no breaks! Muy Rapido!
When we were finished with our tour we had lunch at the river and got to play with some animals! Monkeys, snakes... I have to admit snakes have a really cool texture to their skin. And Monkey's are hilarious!

The Centro part of Vallarta was really pretty! We walked the Malecon, which is a boardwalk right by the beach that had amazing sculptures and art all up and down the beach. And right across from that, was the town with restaurants and shops. We had lunch at Senior Frogs... they gave a lot of food!!

We also took a boat cruise to Los Arcos and Los Animas. We had the option to snorkel but to be honest the Pacific Ocean is a bit cold!! Ha ha. We did see some whales on the way, and I've never seen a whale in person before so that was exciting. The beach on Los Animas was beautiful.. it was really, really hot that day. I played some beach volleyball and realized I'm not that good. Ha ha.

The trip was just what I needed... a perfect break from the nasty weather and the repetitiveness of work! I have a ton more to say and tons more pictures but I think I'm gonna end it here! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and make it to Puerto Vallarta some time because it's beautiful.



beignet3 said...

Welcome home Mandy! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Nichole

Sylvia said...

Wow, I'm impressed Mandy. You got that blog entry up fast. The pics are nice, I can't wait to see all the rest of them. Looks like a good time was had by all!.
Love ya

Adam Larson said...

Sounds like an awesome time. I've never been to Mexico. You guys still in Sammamish?

Anonymous said...
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