05 April 2008


Well I guess I (Philip) should do a blog just so Mandy doesn't think she has complete domination of our blog (haha just a joke!).

I am not much of a bogger because I don't find my life all that exciting. That's not to say that I don't love my life, because I do. I just don't get out much lately with school and such. I spend a lot of time doing homework while Jeffrey stares at me with boredom. That is good though. I have been able to get some fantastic grades now that I am married. In fact, when people at school ask how I am able to do it, I just suggest that they get married.

Marriage doesn't fix all problems though. I still am a sugar fiend and Mandy has been working overtime to cure me of the disease. Sometimes I am eternally grateful, but when I am in the clutch of high fructose corn syrup withdrawals I can get a little testy!

She will never break me of my love for Mt. Dew ( the elixir of the gods) however hard she tries. In fact I am currently working on my popsicle version of the amazing cure all drink. Hopefully it will be finished for summer. She has succeeded in getting me to cut back substantially on my intake, though. She deserves and award for that! Please congratulate her next time you see her. You will notice her as the wonderfully beautiful woman with me in tow. I will be the over-caffeinated, redheaded, Italian-American, sucking on a green popsicle! (The last comma in that sentence is called an oxford-comma and without it, the meaning of the sentence would not change. So why did I put it in?)


Sylvia said...

So.....Philip. We understand all the "bad habits" that Mandy is trying to break you of. But my question is, which are the ones that you are working on with her? And don't even say she has none!