23 May 2008

Dark chocolate Jeffrey! =( =(

It's been a traumatic day! Around 4 PM, Philip had come home to find that Jeffrey had gotten into a bag of chocolate! He ate about 10 pieces of chocolate, half of which was dark chocolate. At first we didn't think much of it other than "oh that dumb dog" and "dang it, I can't believe I forgot to put that bag of chocolate away".... but soon, he started acting out of sorts. He was vomiting and he was unusually hyper-active, his heart was beating out of his chest. We knew that chocolate was bad for dogs, but when researching it further, we read that a dog of Jeffrey's weight can only take about 3 oz. of dark chocolate, after that it can cause seizures and lead to death. I sorta freaked out and called the my veterinarian -- they were just closing but the strongly advised me to take him to Alpine Animal Hospital in Issaquah to get treated. A doggy ER, if you will.
When we got him there, he had already vomited 4 times and was extremely shaky and bloated. The doctor gave him active charcoal to line his stomach so he didn't absorb anymore of the toxins from the chocolate, and they gave him a ECG scan to make sure he wasn't suffering from Arrhythmia. We got to pick him up a few hours later, but his behavior is still rapid and frantic, he pees every 20 minutes and is still vomiting. I have to continue to monitor his heart-rate through the night and try to keep him calm so he won't give himself a heart attack. It's a scary thought to think that my poor puppy ingested something so fatal, and I left it there for him to get!! =( Granted, it was up on the coffee table (which he normally could never reach up there) but we had moved the table last night, forgot to move it back so he was able to get on the couch then jump over to the table and knock the back of candy down. He ingested a large amount of tin foil as well! Poor baby.
He's starving but I can't feed him or let him have too much water because he can't keep anything down. I feel sad bad for him!! 
We are so relieved and grateful that Jeffrey is alright!! Lesson learned for me, always be conscious of what I'm leaving around. Regardless of how trained a dog is, they will never resist a bag of chocolate!!  


Luke, Leah, Owen & Sophia said...

I am so glad that Jeffery is doing good now! I can imagine how scary that would be and I am so glad that everything worked out okay!