16 June 2008

Another Wonderful Weekend!

So on Sunday, Philip and I woke up extra early (8AM, ha ha) and went to church at Nichole's ward, since Nancy and her kids were in town + Alec (Becky's son)! After church, we went back to Nichole's and played around the back yard with the kiddies! They are quite the characters!

Here are Emma, Olivia, Nick, William, Amy and Me! Alec is missing in the photo though, cause he was acting as the photographer!

Amy & Olivia

I think maybe I was boring Amy, she was trying to get away from me! Ha ha

Later, we went to the park and played on the toys! We had a great time in the sun! I hope we see a lot more of it! We were so happy to get to spend time with Philip's sister Nancy and her kids!

Philip and Alison

Alison being silly and smashing her nose in the plastic toys!

Me and Amy Cakes just chillin getting some sun..


Sylvia said...

Looks like a fun day! The weather was perfect, eh? We had a really nice time with Nicole too. Her cousin had a house right on Lk Washington, so boy that was nice. She says hi to you.