10 June 2008

Bet You Didn't Know I was a Movie Star!?!

I guess my acting career peaked when I was 14 because I haven't worked since.

Tony's Transformation, based n the short story "The Shifter" by Philip Chiappini, is an exciting and mysterious adventure for all ages. Tony (Philip Chiappini) plunges into the greatest adventure of his life when he and his friend Dave (Josh Miles) stumble upon a glowing object in the forest. Tony takes the object home only to discover he has strange new powers. However, as Tony explores his new abilities, Dave makes his own discovery: Tony may not be the kind of friend Dave thought. Tony may be able to save his town from a threatening criminal, but can he repair the damage to his friendship with dave? An adventure for all, Tony's Transformation is a journey of excitement and friendship.



Philip & Mandy said...
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Philip & Mandy said...

Oh honey, look at what a nerd you were! He he.... but I love it!!

Sylvia said...

Top notch film, I give it a thumbs up! The story line is riveting, the acting superb, making one really form a connection with the characters. Everything from the casting, the special effects, the editing, and the music score makes this a film to remember. I for one, will be anxiously awaiting the sequel.

Laura Derbes Rogers said...

Wow, I have the VCR version of that movie! Nancy sent it to me back then. A classic.