16 July 2008

26th Birthday!!

Today my honey turns 26! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP!!!
We ended up having a little slumber party over at Nichole's last night because Chad (her husband) is out of town on business and Nichole wanted some company. So we decided to have a little birthday celebration with her and the girls while we were there. She made Philip's favorite cake - 7up bunt cake. There was balloons and candles, the whole thing! 
There's something so special about celebrating a birthday when children are around! They are so excited and enthusiastic! So joyful to be around them.

Philip ended up with some really awesome gifts too! He got an Italia soccer shirt (which he loves, thanks Chad!), a gift certificate to The Fish Cafe (I'll be able to enjoy that too), a bluetooth mouse for Daisy (the macbook), a gift cert. to coldstone, and of course some gummy bears (picked out by Alison).
Since it was such a beautiful night we played outside quite a bit as well! 4th of July weekend, the boys built a playhouse/swingset for the girls, even though it's not quite finished, it turned out awesome!!
Amy was LOVIN the swing!! She cracked up every time you pushed her!


We were spoiled and got to sleep on their king sized Tempur-Pedic bed!! Wow, that thing is amazing. After spending a night on that thing, you never wanna sleep anywhere else. So we now have a new goal to buy one of those when we buy a place! 
We had such a wonderful time last night and this morning! Huge thanks to Nichole for  being so generous and welcoming all the time!

Today on his actual Birthday, unfortunately Philip has a mid-term... BOO HOO! But we were able to spend the day together beforehand. And what an awesome day it was! 


Sylvia said...

Hi from Canmore Canada. Sorry I missed your birthday Philip. Sounds like you had a great time with the family. The pictures are cute. I'll see you after I get back home.

Laura Derbes Rogers said...

Wow, I was just googling Nancy's name to see if I could find her after all these years. We were best friends when we were little. I remember when Phillip was a BABY! He and Paul shared a room, and the 5 girls shared a room...
Tell Nancy HI for me!!!