05 July 2008

4th of July!

Usually I don't post a blog same day, but I'm not too tired at the moment! We started off the day going to my Mom's to hang out for a little while! Always love going home! I love my Momma!
Then we went to Philip's sister's to spend the evening BBQin'! MMM, Chad made the best bacon burgers ever! They were amazingly good. HUGE though, so I couldn't finish mine.
We went and got some POP-its & sparklers! Always brings out the kid in me!

She will be 3 in October, she's so much fun to play with!

When we were at my Mom's earlier that day, she had brought out he top of our wedding cake (from the freezer) from almost exactly ONE YEAR ago for us to eat on our anniversary - which is technically tomorrow! But we couldn't resist so we dug into it tonight... and it was surprisingly still really good!!

Next came the FIREWORKS! Nichole & Chad live in unincorporated Kirkland so fireworks are still pretty heavily set off there! Good thing cause we saw quite the show from just sitting in their front yard!
Alison loved the sparklers! And so did me and Philip!!

....and it was so cute she did this little happy dance when a firework would go off, so adorable!

This is me, bundled up with Jeffrey watching the neighborhood show! Oh and me and Peanut thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

(she cracks herself up! it's great!)

We are SO lucky and fortunate to have family in the area. I can't think of any other way that I would want to spend a holiday! We love you guys!!
And speaking of Love, I can't believe we have been married a year already!!! Time flies, and I've loved every second of it! Happy ANNIVERSARY babe!! Love you!


Sylvia said...

Was Jeffie scared of the fireworks and the noise?