06 July 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!

Yesterday was officially our one year!! Can't believe how fast time has gone by, and what a wonderful year it's been!! We have learned so much about each other, and ourselves - I believe things are definitely progressing nicely!
So... in light of the cruise coming up, the recent MacBook purchase, as well as the trip we have planned to go to Idaho in August -- we decided not to spend much more money and just spend it together. And what an amazing day it was!
We had plans to picnic, but since the weather was colder and a bit drizly we decided to skip that. Instead, we went to the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah. It's a smaller Zoo, it's run completely on donations and things.... it's fun though!

We got there just in time for a little lecture on Cougars, we found out that there are still some Cougars living freely on the mountain! And that they can jump 20 feet in the air from a sitting position! Wowza!
This is a Cougar licking on a "bloodsicle" --YUCK!

Down the way a little from the Cougar, were the tigers!! They are my personal favorite! They are so gorgeous I just couldn't get enough of them!!

This guy right here... he tried to bite my finger off when I was snapping this picture of him, but he's pretty none-the-less!

Oh and I'm so glad to know that the T-Rex is an extinct species! WHEW! ha ha.

As we strolled through the Zoo a little more, some strange things happened... I got into a fight with an alligator, and a Leopard... and Philip grew some antlers out of no where! Hmm... go figure! ;-)

So this concluded our visit to the Cougar Mountain Zoo!

After this, we headed to the Issaquah movie theater to catch a Matinee! Then it was dinner time!! Since we are both lovers of Thai food, we desperately wanted to find a thai restaurant but neither one of us knew of one in Issaquah. But thanks to the trusty GPS in my phone, we found out there was a Thai Ginger near by and got there without getting lost! Thanks phone!
And thank you Philip for making this day perfect and for being such a wonderful husband!!


Kimberly and Aaron said...

Congratulations! A year is a huge accomplishment! Your pictures are adorable!

Isn't the bunny hilarious? I wish you lived closer...then I could just give you one! I'm hoping to get another in August. I'm thinking about breeding - at least once to see how it goes. Best part is. He poops in a litter box.

Sylvia said...

Glad to see you made quick use of the Entertainment coupon! The pictures are great. One of these days maybe I'll check out that zoo.

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

Wow!!! One year down a billion to go!!! Yeah, I am so happy that you and Philip got married!!! And I am so excited to see both of you in a few weeks!!!