20 August 2008

Trip to Idaho!

So we just recently got back from our trip to Idaho! The first couple of nights we stayed with Luke & Leah (and of course their twins). We had a BLAST! The babies are adorable and of course Leah and Luke are so welcoming and hospitable! And the 3rd night we stayed at Philip's parents house. That night though, around 5 AM in the morning we woke up to the fowl smell of a SNUNK. It was the worst thing I've ever smelled!! I had to go downstairs to sleep cause my nose was burning and the stench was giving me a headache! Yucky.
Owen & Sophia hangin out in their bumbo seats!

Me & little Sophie snuggling on the bed.

On Satuday Philip's dad had a BBQ. He actually roasted a WHOLE pig. *gross* I deleted the photo I had of it cause it made me gag to look at it so I'll spare you too! ;-) But here are some pictures from that day!
Alison havin fun as usual!
Me, Leah & Becky's little girl, Laila.
Philip  & I
The girly's: Olivia, Ali, Gabbi & Emma
Philip is thinking he's pretty cool holding Paul's gun!! 
Nick and Laila! So cute.

::Philip and I at the Idaho Falls temple earlier that after noon::

*what a hottie*

Being sealed together in the Lord's house for all eternity was such an amazing experience!!! We are so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity and to have the support of our family and friends! Thank you to everyone that made this experience so wonderful! We love you!!!

These are just some shots taken around Blackfoot & the Snake River::

Overall - the trip was awesome! The weather was gorgeous, and it was so great seeing and spending time with everyone! Wish we could go more often! 


Kimberly and Aaron said...
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Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

It was so fun to have you here! I can't wait to see you guys again! Hopefully we will get to come visit sometime soon! But don't hold your breath!