15 November 2008

A walk in the park

This time of year is so beautiful!!! 

Today was a good day! Well, except unfortunately for Philip had had some school work to finish up so he didn't get to come join in the fun! He was busy working on a commercial for his marketing class. (more on that later) But Alissa and I got our pups and went to hang out with our Motha for the day! We went to check out The Landing (in renton by boeing).. kind of a big new shopping/eating/movie watching area. It's pretty nice, you should check it out! But on the way I made them stop by Coulon Park so I could capture a picture of the water...

well I didn't get that many good ones, but my mom did get a couple goofies of my sis and I:

We ended up at Ross... man they have a lot of good deals. I never go to Ross. I ended up with some cool stuff for the house. Or I should say, our little apartment. =)

Also, I know this is totally creepy, but I took this photo of this little girly at the park! I loved her outfit! She was adorable.


Katie and Brett said...

Very cute pictures. What's your email address? I was thinking we should go take a dance class together sometime if you're interested. I hope all is well!

Darren and Brandi said...

The Landing is just down the street from where we live! Less than 5 minutes away! It's nice to have a new shopping center going up right by us. Just a few weeks ago I went to Ross and bought a few great things for the house too! Gottta love it!

The Weidner's said...

Oh, I miss fall. It is all out winter here. Snowfall for the last week in a half and I hate it. But anyways... great pictures.