06 December 2008

The Pixie

I don't know why but growing up I really didn't like this one Christmas decoration that my Mom had. She loved it for some reason and wouldn't part with it. Every year when Christmas came around - she'd torture me by sitting this little pixie somewhere different. One year when I could take it no more... I burned her little tootsie with a lighter. (if you look closely you'll see the little scorched foot) My Mom was soooo mad by the way! Ha ha.
Morbid I know.
But now it's become humorous to think about and I've developed quite a close relationship with this little pixie.


The Weidner's said...

Haha. Mandy, you were such a little rebel!

Sylvia said...

My pixie!!!
The last time you were over, you didn't hide her!

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

I didn't know that you were a pyro!