18 December 2008

Snow Day!

Yes, finally. All the weather predictions came true!
Snow! Snow! Snow!

It's beautiful up here in Sammamish. The streets are blanketed white and it's still coming down!

(philip is a pretty good model, huh?) =)
The boys outside... 

Philip's boss called him and told him they were closing the store - so he and I both are enjoying our day off together.
But this morning I decided to venture out into the "winter storm" - I drove from the Sammamish Plateau over to the Issaquah Highlands to visit my friend (and co-worker) Aga for a little while!
This was before the snow really started coming down but still pretty! Her dog Misia and Jeffrey loved playing outside!
I'm home now and home to stay cause the roads are really starting to get thick with snow!
I love it!


Sylvia said...

Cute pictures. There will be a whole lot more tomorrow :)

The Weidner's said...

I am so jealous. I wish it would stop raining here and we'd get some snow. It puts me in the christmas spirit!