27 February 2009

a stroll down vacation lane...

Alright I know I'm a big baby, but I really want to go on a vacation... in the meantime, though, I thought I'd reminisce over some of the awesome vacations I've had the opportunity to go on in the last couple of years =)

(and i did take all these photo's with my point and shoot camera, except the last one of course cause i'm in it!)

Cancun, Mexico 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada 2007
Victoria, BC, Canada 2007
Whistler, BC, Canada 2007
Idaho Falls, ID 2008
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2008
Royal Caribbean - Mariner of the Seas 2008. Florida, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cozumel

[this is the blank spot for 2009!]

the end.


Karen said...

Those pictures totally made me want to go on vacation too!