17 April 2009

Back from Vegas!

I'll try to keep the post short, but I have soo many good photos! =)
We had such an incredible time! For the most part it was sunny and warm so that made me happy! We went walked the strip, ate a great steak dinner, went to an aquarium, went to cirque's "O" performance, went to freemont street, watched the bellagio fountain show 19308 times... lots of good stuff!

Our hotel. Planet Hollywood.
Sitting outside the Bellagio, waiting for the fountain!

Outside the New York, New York

Inside the Bellagio

Freemont Street

Sitting, waiting for the fountain show, again. He he.

And there you have it!!! I have tons more photo's but I don't want to bore you! I'll be posting some more edited photos later.... go here to see =)


Janet said...

oh i love vegas too!! wasnt O so great!?! feel free to post more pics! :-)

Sylvia said...

You got lots of great shots Mandy. Brings back memories of the last time I was there with you guys, standing in front of the Bellagio fountain. That's the best free thing to do in Vegas!

Andree and Josh said...

Love the pics! Isn't the Bellagio the best?