26 April 2009

Seattle Sounders

Philip got tickets to a Sounders game for pretty cheap through UW, so of course we went! A couple of things i'd do differently next time though. Never park in the Quest field parking lot. They charge $20 to park and then you have to walk about 30 minutes (okay that might be an exaggeration!) to the stadium. BOO! So considering a soccer game is only 90 minutes, combined with traffic delays and the parking situation it *almost* wasn't worth the hassle!
BUT in the end I had fun! I loaded up on nachos and cotton candy and I was set - screaming and hollering like all the other die hard fans. And to my surprise, we were some of the very few that didn't have a Sounders jersey on! Ha ha.

I have determined that I like going to baseball and hockey games better but I won't pass up an opportunity to go to any game. Next time - we'll leave earlier and were a team jersey =)


Toph said...

Yay I found you (actually you found me and then I found you!) Do you have a website for your photography?

Kimberly and Aaron said...

I know this is late, but one of my friends from high school plays for the Sounders. Hopefully we can make it up there sometime and we can all go to a game. James is super good about tickets for his friends.