24 May 2009

Some things I've been up to.

Have had all kinds of fun lately! It's just takin me a while to update this blog. (I wonder how many people actually read this! Ha ha, oh well!)
Here's a few things I've/we've done in the last couple weeks:

I've definitely rediscovered my love for the Mariners. Don't know if ya'll know this but I used to LOVE the Mariners! Back in 1997, Joey Cora was my main squeeze!! =) Went to this game with my Mom and Sister!

Made some home-made Picco De Gallo

Went on a hike with Alissa and Mike up at Stampede Pass... very very pretty there! Actually there was still a bunch of snow, but it made it more fun. We took the dogs too, of course, they did really really well for a 5 mile hike! Good job doggies!

(this was glacier water and you better believe I threw Jeffrey in! he he, he was so hot though, it was good for him)

Realized I'm definitely, 100%, a Honda Girl!

Learned that from the Issaquah Highlands, you can see Lake Sammamish and both the Seattle and Bellevue skylines! Pretty amazing huh?!!
[click on this image to make it bigger!]

Had a little photo shoot with Alissa! She's so pretty...

And watched my poor dog try SO hard to get a piece of food stuck under the couch.. poor thing.

AND LOTS&LOTS of BBQ'n! Yummy.
The end.


Sylvia said...

Great shots all of them Mandy! I read your blog, sometimes that's the only way I know what you're up too.
So cute of Jeffie, you should upload that one to Flickr. I can't believe you threw in in the cold water...poor baby!
And the one of your car is really cool, very artsy!
Sounds like you had way more fun this weekend that I did at work.

Lonny and Jesse said...

Hey Mandy! I want you to know I always read your blog and love seeing the pretty pictures you take. While I watched the video of Jeffrey, the music on my blog was playing "Don't stop me now" by Queen and it was so fitting to his franticness- pretty funny combo