06 July 2009


The 4th of July was pretty relaxed this year. Philip had to work during the day, and so did my Mom. =( And Nichole (P's sister) and the girls are in Utah. So after P came home from work Chad came over (Nichole's husband) and they bbq'd and played some xbox. Sounds like a blast right? He he. Well remember in a previous blog I mentioned that right up the street from our house we have a FABULOUS view of Seattle and Bellevue? Well it worked out perfectly. Alissa and Mike came with us up to the top of the Highlands and we picked ourself out a great spot for viewing.

You can't tell from these lame-o pictures but we were witness to about 9-10 different fireworks displays!! It was pretty amazing. (the street lamp was kind of annoying though, oh well)

ALSO! Philip and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on the 5th of July!! =) Can't believe it, time goes by so quickly! Although we didn't get to do anything super amazing, that didn't take away from how special it was! I LOVE YOU PHILIP!