31 July 2009

A summer update of Philip

I have not written a post in quite some time. Mandy is currently watching a Mariner's game so I figured it was time to sit down and let the world, or at least the readers of this blog, know what I have been up to.

The majority of my time ( 40 to 50 hours a week) is spent working. Nothing to exciting about that, so I will move on quickly. Early this spring I got a bike off of craigslist. It was a 1975 Schwinn. I loved it, but after one good ride I realized that it was far to small. At that point I traded it for a not-so-classic Schwinn Le Tour (circa 1980). Although I don't like the bicycle as much, I have really enjoyed cycling. I try to ride to work 3 or 4 days a week and my summer goal is to do a 100 mile ride (its called a century in the cycling world).

I rode a total of 110 miles last week, but with the heat of this week I have only done 20. This little break from cycling has really shown me why I love it so much:
  1. It really breaks up the day. Cycling to work makes the day just a little more exciting.
  2. I don't have to deal with traffic! It really only takes me 40 min to ride to work most days. It can take me up to an hour to get to work with traffic.
  3. Cycling keeps me sane! Besides getting me out of traffic, cycling gives me time to myself to think and physically work out frustrations.
  4. It is extremely healthy.
  5. I am not sure if it is just a mental thing, but exercising everyday makes me crave healthy food. Make no mistake, I still lake sweets and soda, but when I am done cycling to work and back, I actually just want avocados and turkey!
  6. It helps me plan out my meals and save money. When you have to carry your food for the day in a backpack, you have to really plan out your meals.
It is just a healthy lifestyle change for me. I like it even more than running (although I will still do a marathon). I would really recommend it to anyone. It is very low impact activity that anyone can do and it is an easy way to start a new healthy life.

Enough about that. Other things that I have been doing include watching movies, playing Call of Duty, attending Church, and reading.

One thing that I am constantly doing is daydreaming about Clark, our as-of-yet unborn child. I really wonder what he (maybe she) will be like and what life will be like having a baby. I am so excited to add to our family. I already love the baby so much and I can't even see him yet! I think that I annoy Mandy sometimes with all of my probing questions trying to be involved with everything that is going on.

The pregnancy has really made me love and appreciate Mandy even more (I know, I didn't think it was possible either). She has been sick a lot and she isn't able to get out very much, but she is so strong. I know that she feels like she is going through this alone, but I am trying my best to be beside her always. Also, we have our faith in Christ and our belief that everything happens for a reason to help us get through.

I can only speak for myself, but I am sure that Mandy can say the same. The general lack of control that comes with a pregnancy is paired with a strengthening of faith, both in God and in self. I will leave it at that and say, that when faith is tested fervent prayers are often answered with an assurance that God is there lifting us up rather than lightening our burdens.

I will close by saying that I am extremely happy right now and I love my wife, my family, and my God.



Mike McCullough said...

HELLO CHIAPPINI'S! I am happy for y'all and your soon to be addition. That deserves a WHOO HOO! I hope Mandy gets feelin better soon. Bye now :)

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

It is so nice to hear from you Philip! Your cycling is super impressive and really puts us lazy people to shame! It is nice to hear that you are so excited to have your baby hear! It will be fun to see my brother with a little baby!