14 August 2009

August 13th

I didn't have a title for this blog entry... so yeah.

Yesterday we had a doctors appointment. And in 2 weeks we have our "BIG" ultrasound the 3D/4D one where they look for abnormalities and things. I'm certain our little chipmunk will be just perfect. But we are excited to find out if "Clark" really is a boy, or if we will be blessed with a little girl. We shall see! =)
[Philip reading some childrens books waiting for the Dr.]

She used one of these little guys to listen to the heartbeat again! I loooove hearing it, and all is well. Me and Baby are healthy!

...moving on...
THANK you I-405, for reminding me how much I dislike you and why I moved away from you. Yuck.

But it was worth traveling this terrible, frustrating freeway to go to dinner for our brother-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday Chad!!
He chose to go to the 3rd Floor Fish Cafe in downtown Kirkland. Although I don't eat fish, I got a steak so I was happy =) Yum.

Pretty view of the waterfront!


Sylvia said...

Cute pics Mandy.
I can't wait for the next ultrasound, wish I could be there in person!