08 August 2009

Bobblehead Madness

~This is a silly, kind of pointless, kinda sad with a happy ending story~
(I was trying to decide if anyone would actually read this blog entry, probably not. But decided that I wanted it for keepsakes)

A week ago, Nichole and Chad were so sweet and gave Philip and I their tickets for the Mariners game last night (Friday, August 7th). The Ken Griffey Jr Bobblehead night to be exact! I can't tell you how thrilled I was. For lots of reasons. 1) I love going to Mariners games 2) I need something fun to do since I've pretty much done nothing all summer 3) I really wanted the Griffey bobblehead.

So Wednesday and Thursday I was actually feeling decent, like "get out of the house" decent. Which is HUGE for me. Come Friday morning I woke up and felt like a train wreck. Sick and throwing up again. I was hoping it would fade I really didn't want to miss the game, and another chance to spend time actually doing something fun with my husband. 3:00PM rolls around and I texted Philip and told him I was still really sick and thought maybe he should invite someone else to go =(.
Well he gets home at 4:00PM to find me curled up in bed practically in tears, pretty much throwing myself my very own pitty party. I kept telling him "I just really wanted to go to the game with you, and I really wanted a Ken Griffey bobblehead." [in a really pouty, whimpery voice, kinda like a baby]. Ha ha. Funny now, but yesterday, I was really sad at the time. Call me hormonal, and emotional - it's okay I know.
He would spend the next 30 minutes trying to convince me to suffer through it and just come to the game with him, insisting he wouldn't go without me. FINALLY after a lot of begging, I decided to suck it up and get ready to go.
Well we sit in traffic for over an hour to get down there and arrive at the stadium around 6:00PM.. I was sure that was enough time to snatch up my bobblehead. I hopped out of the car at the front gate while Philip went to find parking. By the time I got in there, no bobbleheads to be found. Mind you, they gave out 20,000 of them. By the time I got to our seats {section 108, row 23, seat 10 to be exact} the sun was just going down behind the stadium. It was beautiful.
Turns out the seats were front row RIGHT behind Ichiro. SCORE! Philip got to me 30 minutes later and I explained to him that all 20,000 bobbleheads were pretty much gone by 4PM! WOW. Talk about some die hard fans. I had NO chance in getting one of those treasures. Dang it.

Anyway, the game started and I was trying really hard to get into it, hoping to forget about my nausea. Well it worked. Before I knew it I was chowing on nachos and sucking down a pepsi.

7th inning rolls around, not much action. Before I knew it Griffey was up to bat and WHAM! Homerun heading straight for us. I pretty much ducked cause I didn't wanna get hit by the ball. A couple dudes ran in front of me trying to catch the ball but it ended up boucing off the railing and falling down about 10 feet to the ground. Some idiot jumped over the rail to fetch the baseball... 1 minute later security was all over him, booted him right out of the game and demanded he give up the Griffey baseball. He lied and said he didn't have it. 10 minutes later they come back and start harassing the chick sitting next to us to give them the baseball. Made her empty her purse and yep, there it was! He had her stash it in her purse and they confiscated it. How lame. I can't believe how dramatic the whole thing was.
Anyway, turns out we were on TV.

I'm the scrub in the white M's hat, this is right after we almost got slammed with the homerun.
These are photo's taken from Nichole's TV. It was all very exciting, believe me.
Soon after that it was in the 10th inning, it was tied up and we were getting tired, and decided to head out. While we were walking out we heard that one of the opponents hit a solo homerun, we figured we'd lost the game. After we walked about 10 miles to the car (not really 10 miles) we turned on 710AM to catch the end of the game and right then, WHAM Ryan Langerhans hits a two run homerun in the 11th inning directly over to right field. EXACTLY where we were sitting. Ohhhhh we couldn't believe we left early. Shoot.
Well there you have it. It probably tells you something that this is the most eventful night I've had in almost 3 months. And the most fun I might add.
Thanks to Nichole and Chad for the tickets, and Philip for knowing me so well and being so patient with me! Love you!


Bart and Jill said...

I really liked your story! Thanks for sharing... I hope the nachos and pepsi didn't come up later!! Hehe... Maybe you should get out more often to get your mind off of it!

Sylvia said...

Fun story Mandy, sorry you didn't get the bobble head.
And I agree, you need to get out more to get your mind off of it!

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

I love the story! You two are pretty much celebrities now!