30 August 2009

girls, games, fun!

Had some fun this weekend. Lindsay had a girls night, which I love. We spend hours chatting and playing games... it's good times.

And yes, went to another Mariners game with Philip, Alissa & Mike! Love love love going to games. This time, we won 8-4! Yahoooo!

And here is my 18.5 week photo! (so far, my belly hasn't fully "popped out"... they say it happens later for some in their 1st pregnancy, i don't mind really. but i kinda have a feeling it's gonna have some kind of growth spurt all at once! eek)


Janet said...

you look great and so thin!! i see a little baby bump.

Sylvia said...

All in all looks like a great week!

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

You look so cute, stinking tiny, but so cute! Yep, one day you will wake up and have this belly that just won't go away...until the baby is out! I am glad you have gotten to get out and have some fun!