05 October 2009

finally broke down

And in other news this weekend... I finally broke down and bought some maternity clothes. Realizing that a lot of my shirts weren't covering my growing stomach adequately and rubber-banding the button to the button's loop hole on my fav. jeans just wasn't cutting it anymore. I gave up and got some much needed maternity pants and a few tops. Boy am I glad I did. I found some killer deals and I am so much more comfortable now, not to mention I can actually get out of the house now without looking like a total scrub. ;-)
Thank you Mimi Maternity.
[just about 24 weeks]


{Katie} said...

You look so cute!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Yes, love the new hair!

Sigh - I wish I stayed that skinny while preg.

Darren and Brandi said...

Oh Mandy, you look so adorable! How exciting!

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

Aren't they so much better!!! You look stinking cute and that bump is getting even bigger!!! I LOVE it! Your hair looks great too!

Andree and Josh said...

You look adorable! Gorgeous!