05 October 2009

Salmon Days and other stuff!

Went to Salmon Days this weekend! Happy Birthday Lissa! My awesome sister had her Birthday and we spent the day walking around Salmon Days and enjoying the beautiful sun.
Lots of good stuff there... good food...cool nick-nacks and artsy things to buy.

Even had some kittens for sale...

But this is the one I really wanted... SO cute!

I even went back to work for a day (kinda). I helped out with the Microsoft booth at Salmon Days for a little while. It was fun stuff.

Also this weekend I went to my BF Tammi's housewarming/engagement party. Congrats Tammi - so excited for your wedding next summer! :-) (Tammi is on the very right, and Sam is in the middle. We were all besties in high school)

[gosh i am really starting to blow up huh? ha ha]
Also enjoyed an evening out with Philip, Alissa & Mike at the Cheesecake factory. Yum!!


Nikki said...

I am kicking myself for not getting the blackened salmon and ceasar.

Sylvia said...

Ha, I had the blackened Salmon and I can attest it was great.
I like all your pics Mandy!