21 November 2009

My Girls!

Everyone has a group of close friends in high school, and I am lucky enough to have remained friends with my best friends from high school. Although we're all so different now - it's so nice to be able to get together to see them!! We made dinner and enjoyed some dessert.. .and had some much needed girl talk. In fact, we were up until 1AM chatting... I haven't stayed up that late since... well.... I don't even remember when. Ha ha.
LOVE you girls!
My besties from high school: Lindsay, Carly, Lindsi (and the cutie pie little girl is Emma, Lindsi's daughter) Don't mind my big ol belly either... starting to feel pretty frumpy. Ha ha.
[oh and also, please excuse the poor camera quality... I only had my really really old point & shoot!]


Nikki said...

Everyone looks so good!

Emma is such a cutie, I can't stand it!

Bart and Jill said...

I really want to get together soon!! Maybe in December??