27 November 2009

Our very own Thanksgiving

This year, Philip and I shared our 1st holiday... just the two of us. It was so nice to actually have a day to spend with Philip. He's gone so much between his work and school schedules, and when is he home he's engulfed in homework. A busy little bee he is. But Thanksgiving was such a blessing for us. We got to wake up when we wanted and just enjoy the day.

The morning started by turning on one of my favorite trilogy's. Lord of the Rings. For some reason it's kind of a holiday tradition. Every year we have a LOTR marathon. So.... one of the 3 movies was always on in the background.. for the entire day. Which I just LOVE. Something is so perfect about it.

For breakfast: crepes! We have a yummy recipe and every so often we'll take it out. We thought this was a good occasion.

After breakfast, I got a knock at the door. It was my good friend Aga, she came bearing gifts for us. So sweet of her to bring it by, it was the cutest little baby box filled with all kinds of clothes and goodies for our little Clark. Love you Aga! Also, thought it was time to get Jeffrey in one of his Christmas sweaters. You know, get him in the spirit! :-)

The preparation for our little meal came next. The peeling of the potatoes. And.... didn't go so well. Philip got a little excited and decided to cram ALL the peels at once down the disposal. We ended up with a little clog. Oops. P fixed it up nicely. A clogged drain and potato water all over the floor never hurt anyone, right? :-)

Mmm... here comes the food. I know you're thinking: "Where is the turkey??" Well I've never been a huge fan of turkey. I'll eat it most definitely but I prefer ham. Besides, we weren't' ready to throw ourselves into preparing a turkey quite yet. Maybe next year.
You better believe this is how Jeffrey sat the entire day, right outside the kitchen waiting for his Dinner. And he gobbled down that ham so fast, I think it's safe to say he enjoyed our cooking.

Our evening didn't end there. Philip and I decided to play a little Mortal Combat together... an old past time. Then our friends Garth & Jessica came over for a visit later on in the evening! So happy we have friends so close in the area.
And lastly, we realized we didn't' have any dessert at all so we made a trip to the only place open at 10PM on Thanksgiving. Walgreens. Picked ourselves up some candy treats and ice cream.

Although we missed our family a lot, our day was pretty much perfect.


Janet said...

sounds fun! I love all the pictures you posted!!

Sylvia said...

Aww, so nice Mandy. I enjoyed hearing it first hand from you on the phone, but the pictures tell the story!
I know it's been hard over the years with me having to work holidays sometimes, but now you'll have your own traditions to start:)

Nikki said...

That sounds like a very sweet thanksgiving. Glad you had a good one.

P.S. Jeffrey does not look in the holiday spirit. It may be time for an elf costume.

P.S.S. You like LOTR but not Twilight?! I can't process...

Lonny and Jesse said...

That's so funny! The day before Thanksgiving Lonny was telling me some "fun facts" that he learned. He heard that the busiest people the day after Thanksgiving- Roto Rooter type places. Culprit? potato peels down the drain!
Sounds like a nice day!