15 December 2009

Baby Shower

This last weekend my Sister-in-Law, Mom & Sister hosted my baby shower. It pretty much rocked!! The food and decorations were incredible. We played some pretty unique games and had a blast! The fact that I just had a baby shower - means the baby is coming soon! I can't believe it. I'm so so so excited to meet him!

Here are some photos from the shower.
[photos taken by several different people]

I could add a bunch more but I think I'll stop there! Oh and this will have to count as my 34 week photo! :-)


Nikki said...

Love the little granola parfaits! Beautiful shower. Gives me some ideas for the one I'm throwing in January for Danielle!

Sylvia said...

What??? Miscellaneous people??
Good choices though Mandy! It was probably one of the best showers on record!

Janet said...

cute shirt!!

Katie said...

Hey Mandy! Nichole did my sister's shower too and it was amazing! Looks like she should go into business. :)

Andree and Josh said...

Wow! They did a great job, the food looks delicious!

Anonymous said...
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