05 January 2010

3 things.

Yes, I'm about 37 weeks pregnant and bored bored bored. So you might have to get used to some pointless blogging over the next few weeks. K?

Please tell me you remember these?
Well I bought a big box of them and have been enjoying them since yesterday. I have loved these since I was a kid! I usually am not a big sugar person, but I have become one in the last week. And I think the name is appropriate - they are certainly fun to eat.

AND I know you remember this. Every kid wanted the Shells & Cheese but because most parents were stingy we got stuck with the plain old -add milk & butter- Mac & Cheese. Well not anymore, I bought a box of the good stuff at the store last night, I'm going to make it today... don't be jealous.

AND the 3rd most important thing. The Bachelor started again last night.
Woo hoo. Okay I know, I've already admited I watch the show - but I still can't help but feel a little guilty. I mean, come one... The Bachelor, really? I've watched the last 3 seasons and at the end of every season I always say to myself "Okay, I'm not gonna watch this anymore". But I always get sucked in. Oh well.
Do you really mean to tell me you wouldn't want to curl up at night with a fun-dip and watch this hunky guy trying to find 'true love' ;-)

If you watch The Bachelor, don't be shy. Leave a comment and admit it. I would like to know who I can rant and rave to when he keeps the stupid girls and sends the good ones home. Ha ha.


Kali and JT said...

loooove the bachelor, but wish I didn't of course. We are due really close together which is fun, I am trying for a natural labor as well so hopefully we can motivate each other!

Oh ps. we used to be in the singles ward in sammamish valley in case you are wondering who this crazy blog stalker is. :)

Katie said...

I heart the bachelor! :)

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

Oh I just LOVE the fun dips! You are right they really are fun! Good luck...hang in there!

AlissaDawn said...

1st - I love Fun Dips. 2nd - Shells and Cheese are delicious. And 3rd - You know I am watching The Bachelor too. I loved Jake last season and I will watch it to the end. Sad, but oh well...what else is on besides Hoarders?

{Katie} said...

I love all those things...especially the Bachelor. Did you see the girl that tripped and fell into Jake?? Brett and I watched it about 5 times and couldn't stop laughing!

Lonny and Jesse said...

I swore I wouldn't watch the Bachelor this season, but you know I watched the whole thing! It is torture watching those girls try to impress him with their introduction!!
Anyway, keep the bach chat coming!

The Aprecios said...

Hey mandy,

I just ready through a bunch of your posts, and I am so excited for you to have your baby! Its so much fun.

I love the nursery. We have the same idea when it comes to the dresser/changing table, and it works great.

Also, I just read your post regarding epidural and I wanted to tell you that you are correct. There are amazing things that occur when you are in the best place of your life, and the most painful. It really is neat! I did end up getting an epidural, but after 42 hours of labor. I wouldnt have changed my delivery, but I am proud to say that I went for as long as I could with the babies heath in mind over mine. Dont let anyone talk you into anything other than what you feel is right.

On that note, here is something that I learned after I left the hospital that I wished I would have known before: DONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! I went into triage 2 times before they put me into a room, and there were complications because of it. If you feel that it is time to have a baby, dont let them send you home! You know best :)

Anyway, sorry for the novel. GOOD LUCK!