02 January 2010

Baby 'Clarks' Room

By popular demand... here are some photos of the nursery.
Finally getting the room finished.
We have a cradle in our room he will be sleeping in for the first few months.... but it still feels good to have all 'his things' put up!
Wow, does this actually mean I'm having a BABY THIS MONTH!?

So here is the tour!

It would've been nice to paint and decorate a little more, but honestly - since we're renting we decided it would be too much of a hassle to deal with painting the room back when we moved.

The changing table/dresser idea I kinda got from my Mom. She had this shelving unit, that she got from ikea and I really liked it. Once the kiddies are older, it'll turn into a nice toy chest! Also, I know the wall is pretty bare - We will be hanging wall letters that spell out his name, once we name him of course! :-)

The back of the room. Although, it clutters it up a bit, we decided we'd leave the futon in the babies room at least for a little while. If Philip needs more sleep or something and the baby is fussy, I can come sleep in here with him. It'll be nice to get rid of the bed eventually, it'll open up a lot more space!

There's something missing in here, though. THE baby! Okay little guy... everything is all ready for you - so you can feel free to arrive anytime in the next couple weeks!


Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

Oh so cute!!! Can't wait to here that the little one has arrived!!!

Sylvia said...

I can hardly stand the wait anymore!
I see the little suitcase:)

Nikki said...

Love the argyle! And the killer view. Lucky little man!

alanes said...

Congratulations! The baby will love it here!

Abby Lanes said...

Oops, I commented with the id that doesn't have a blog. I can't wait to see pics of the baby! Sweet room.

Andree and Josh said...

How exciting! We love the room! Hang in there, he's almost here!

AlissaDawn said...

can't wait to snuggle him.