13 January 2010

OB appointment: 38 wks

I had an OB appointment today. Not much to share - still waiting! Me and my Doctor both think little Clark is in it for the long hall.
But I still can't help wonder every day: "Could today be the day?" That's a weird feeling. To know that really - at any time I could go into labor. Eeek.
I really hope that he comes by his due date at least, because I REALLY don't want to get induced. That would not be ideal at all. We shall see.

Here I am at 38 weeks. Getting so large, I can't believe he could be in there for another couple of weeks, growing. I swear I have officially run out of room in my belly!


Nikki said...

You look fantastic! I think there is a plus to having a winter baby, no heat to battle and swelling. Such a cute belly.

Cook baby Clark to perfection!

Stephenie Becgeb said...

Ms Mandy..I was induced with Hannah and still did it natural. Is it harder? Yes, of course it is. The contractions are harder and more frequent but you can still do it! Remember take it one at a time. Dont doubt your abilities...Im praying for a healthy delivery for you!

Sylvia said...

Any day now!!!!!!!
I like the pic up on the blog header too!