03 February 2010


Bennett is 8 days old now! I can't believe how fast time is going!! Everyone tells me to enjoy every single day with a newborn because they grow so fast - and that is so true! I really have been trying to cherish every second with little B. He is such a joy!
Here is a run down of what's been going on in our lives:

Bennett has a mild case of Jaundis but the DR said it should work itself out just with nursing. Speaking of nursing, he is a fabulous eater. Right from the beginning he was a pro. It's not the easiest thing to get used to but we're doing well! I'm hoping to avoid having to use formula... .and so far so good!

Sleep. He sleeps for the majority of the day and not much can wake him up!! He will just zonk out for hours at a time, only to wake up when we change him and it's time to eat.

Diaper Changes. He hates these! The only time you ever hear my little baby cry is when he's getting changed. Or needs to be changed. Poor little guy. We try to make it fast and painless for him, though. Once we get his new diaper on, he almost always just falls back to sleep like a little angel.

Night time. His alert time is at night. Figures, right? Ha ha. He generally wakes up around 11pm and stays awake for a couple of hours. I usually take the night shift with him. Give him one final diaper change and give him some food and he's out around 1-2am. He usually sleeps until about 5am, sometimes 6, then I get up and feed him (again!)After that, he generally stays awake just kind of looking around for an hour or two. Philip usually takes the early morning shift to let me sleep a little more.

Then the day starts over again. Repetitive, I know. But we LOVE it. Although we're pretty much always exhausted, we are absolutely in love with our little boy. He's the greatest blessing in our lives. It's all so worth it.

Most of you have been asking about my birth story. Well, it's coming... it's just taking me a while to write. Things didn't go as planned, but then again, do they ever? Labor & Delivery is so unpredictable. But you know what, at the end of the day, all that really matters is that he's here and he's healthy.
Birth story to come later, if you're interested! :-)


Nikki said...

Yes yes! I do want to know the birth story. For some reason I'm always very intersted in them. You'd think I'm a masochists or something. Glad to hear things are going well! More pictures of sweet baby Bennett please. You know, when you have some time between sleeping, feeding...repeat.

Janet said...

i love all of the pictures you are posting! they are so great. cute kid-good photographer!!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Oh good gravy. He is SO adorable, Mandy. Absolutely delectable.

Bart and Jill said...

ohhh myyyyy goshhh.. he is soooo cute! I cannot wait to meet him. I am so glad you are loving motherhood!!

The Garrity's said...

You make me so excited to be mom!!!! He is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Connie Van Houten, Christy Van Houten Aguirre's mom. Bennett is so beautiful. I love all the pictures. Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for you and the wonderful beginning to your life with him.

Anonymous said...

This is Christy a friend from Babycenter...Bennett is adorable! I am so happy things are going well for the three of you! My son was born on the 22nd so our boys are very close in age! I look forward to seeing Bennett grow via pictures!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.