30 March 2010

Babies Everywhere!

When I was pregnant, my doctor recommended BabyCenter. I fell in love with it, there is so much information there and lots of cool coupons and stuff. I joined the "January 2010 Birthclub"... where expectant Mom's can talk to other Mom's with babies due the same month. Anyway, I met a few really cool people in my Birthclub.
Two of them just happened to live in Washington, and since our babies have been born - I have actually met them and their little one's in person.
I met Brienne and her little guy, Logan earlier this month. We met at Red Robin for lunch and chatted the afternoon away. She's awesome and her little boy is absolutely adorable. I wish I had taken a photo!! Bummer!

And just last week, Kiara invited me and a few other Mom's & babies over for a Mommy Potluck. And as it turns out, Kiara is the wife of a guy I went to high school with. Small world! I had a blast and check out this video. I just love all their little flailing limbs! Soooo adorable.

From left to right: Dani (2.5 months and Daughter of Michelle), Dane (9 weeks and Son of Kiara), Bennett (8 weeks and he's Mine!), and Dori (3 weeks and Daughter of Danielle)


Nikki said...

They are all adorable! Knowing 3 out of the 4 of you, it's fun to see your faces in baby form. Although a lot of your babies look like your Husbands!

The Reluctant Blogger said...

Wow! Bennett looks so big! You are so lucky to have met Mom's close to you on Baby Center...I have yet to meet anyone with a little one close to James' age...but it is fun reading your blog and seeing how our boys grow in much the same way and rate.

Zwickl Family said...

Darn it! We should have gotten a picture of the boys. Next play date, we will!