15 March 2010

I really look forward to this.

bath time.

it might be my favorite part of the day. yep, it is.


The Reluctant Blogger said...

He is adorable! Its amazing how fast they are growing! I wish I could get some great shots like this...I'm not too camera savvy.

Nikki said...

Those eyes! Beautiful blue. Love the colors, and you're little one.

Johnny & Alli said...

I remember taking bath photos and covering up the privates! Haha!! So cute. He has a perfectly shaped head. It's perfectly round. It's awesome!
Do you guys call him Ben?

Stepper the Mighty said...

yeeeet...those are definitely not YOUR hairy arms giving him that bath! Does Philip give him many a bath? or was this a special occasion? 'cause Bill is TERRIFIED of giving Daphne a bath. He did it for the first time the other day - and it was a MAJOR milestone for them both, I tell you.

Bennett is just heavenly.

Philip and Mandy said...

Alli- Yes, must keep them modest! I don't call him Ben, but some people do and it doesn't bother me! :-)

Stepper- Philip loves bath time just as much as me! Funny that Bill is afraid of it? Was he like that with Wyatt too?