18 March 2010

You have not been forgotten!

I feel like I've neglected Jeffrey a little on the blog. So here is my other sweetie pie!
It's a beautiful day so we're going to go out with Bennett and Jeffrey and enjoy the sun! I hope you get a chance to as well!


AlissaDawn said...

Aww! Juffa! I love that it looks like the baby is petting or comforting Jeffrey! Adorable. Come visit me today!

Nikki said...

Oh poor baby. It must be rough for him to share the love.

Cute black and white on the right!

The Reluctant Blogger said...

How has he adjusted to little man? He sure is cute! I wish I wasn't allergic...I miss pets!

Anna said...

I have been wondering how your dog has been faring with the baby. A couple months after Kara was born I read a list of things that your perception of chages after a baby off a myspace buliten I think. Two that I remember are 1- bodily function that use to gross you out now excite you, yay poop! and 2- the dog is a dog. I was glad my mom took my dog for a few weeks after Kara and Andrew were born.