22 April 2010

tis the season

For the Mariners!

Oh yes, it's time again! I was a bit weary about them in the 1st couple of series they played this season, but the last week or so they've been kicking some trash! Hopefully they keep it up!
Okay. I'm a big fat nerd, I know!

Now I just need to get me some GEAR! And this will do just fine :-)

OR I could just take the shirt right off his back... sweat and all. Ew gross. ;-)


The Garrity's said...

Daniel wants to get natalie a mariners outfit... but then she'll look like a boy! Maybe I should make Mariner themed headbands... I'll totally make you one to match that sexy sweaty jersey!

Nikki said...

Oh he's cute. Why do I not know who he is? I don't get sports.

Johnny & Alli said...

I'm going to have to agree! ;)