10 April 2010


And no, not the New York Yankees!

I love Yankee Candles! Anyone else??

Philip and I went to Bellevue Square yesterday and we walked by a YANKEE CANDLE STORE! Am I the last to know there is actually an entire store with Yankee Candles? We were in paradise. I had to remove myself from the store quickly, though, otherwise I would've spent $1000 on candles. Why are they so expensive? Ah well. I find that they are the only brand of candle that actually smells like they're supposed to when you burn them.

Lemon Lavender is my new favorite! If you're looking for a new candle scent, this one is heavenly!

Okay, that's all I got for today! Have a good weekend!!


Alix said...

UMMMM... that lemon lavender seems like it smells AWESOME!!! I want to try it! That Yankee store used to be an Illuminations store and I LOOOOOVED it... but then it went out of business... so sad. I'm so glad you found this!

Nikki said...

I won't tell Bryan about that store because he seriously spends way too much on candles. It's his feminine side ;)