22 May 2010

baby thoughts

i have been wondering lately, is there such a thing as spoiling a baby??

you see, i have this inability to let bennett be sad if i can do anything about it. if he is fussy or upset i CAN NOT stand it. it just breaks my heart to know that he's sad. i want and need to make him feel better.

some people have told me to let bennett have his "independence"... that it's good to leave him alone and let him play on his own. to let him cry sometimes before i run and get him. i have been told to let him sooth himself if he's cranky.

well i decided i'm not listening to anyone. i am his mother and i have the instinct to ALWAYS be there for him. if he is crying, i will comfort him. if he's unhappy in any way and i know that i can make him feel better i will.

at first, i told myself i wasn't going to be someone that gave into everything my child wanted... and hopefully i won't in the future. but right now, when bennett is a baby - i am going to cherish every single moment with him. i don't want to miss a thing. i want him to learn to trust me, to learn that i will love and support him & that he can count on me.

some people might think he's going to learn that by crying he can get whatever he wants, but you know, i'd rather be there to make him feel better than let him stay sad for a moment longer.

sue me. ha ha.

everyone has ideas of how they area going to parent. i had mine. and i'm sure you have yours. things are much different once you actually HAVE your baby with you. all i want to do is be with my boy.

so to answer my own question, i think there is such a thing as spoiling a baby. but i'm happy to do it. i love bennett and since he doesn't understand my words yet - i will try extra hard to show him and make him feel how much he's loved.


Lacey said...

Bennett is a lucky boy!

The Paper Mama said...

I've been wondering and thinking the same thing for my babe. Our babe's are about a month apart. It's great you are going to go with how you feel. You know your baby best!
And, I know my baby best... and she is cuddled when she cries! :)


Bart and Jill said...

From everything I've read and now practiced... it is the best thing for your baby. He is too young to cry it out or be independent. Your instincts are right on this one.

mommy & daddy said...

i agree with you....they are babies and that is their only way to tell you that something is wrong.....they cry for a reason. you are a wonderful mother and bennett is a very lucky little boy =)

The Reluctant Blogger said...

We are in the same boat Mandy, I too find myself answering James' every call (we are supposed to do that I think) The advice I got from my Mom and Mother in law is that the house will always need cleaning, laundry is always there, your children will only be babies for this time. Enjoy your baby because eventually he will want to play with trucks and dirt and cuddle and kiss with Momma less.

Nikki said...

I think you're right about instinct. He'll learn all about patience when he gets a little brother or sister.

jhoopes said...

You are one smart mom. Way to go. I say spoil away!!!!

beignet3 said...

You go, Mandy!!!!

Connie and Vern VH said...

Do remember that babies learn that there is no need to cry to be held if you hold them lots and pick them up lots when they are not crying!