13 May 2010

Fun Weekend!

The title of the post says it all!

My Mother's Day gifts! Philip got me a new charm for our new addition!! So cute. And some beautiful flowers! Thanks babe!!! I love it!

Nichole & the girls came over as well for an early birthday celebration! Thanks so much for everything guys! The cake was sooo good and I love my new Mariner's Shirt!

And also this weekend (on Saturday) we went to a Mariners game. Sadly, they lost. But we have fun anyway!! The weather was perfect!
A HUGE thank you to Aga & Anthony for watching our little boy for us! This was the longest we were both away from Bennett, and of course the whole time I was gone I was texting Aga. But Bennett did very well, only cried for about 10 minutes after we left but then settled down and had a good night!
Oh and extra props to them for cleaning up Bennett so well after his dirty diaper blow out while they were babysitting him. He he. They were troopers and just laughed about it. I guess it's good practice for them - they are expecting a little girl this August.


Nikki said...

Fun! Beautiful flowers and charm. The twinsies in stripes is extra adorable.

Johnny & Alli said...

Is that shirt from Shade? It's super cute!

The Paper Mama said...

What a beautiful charm bracelet! Sounds like an awesome weekend. When I lived in Seattle we'd always go to Mariners games.

We'd go to the Pyramid beer garden before the game... I don't think we'll be doing that with baby. ;D


Bevin @ allisbright.com said...

Hmm. This post showed up in my feed today. I am confused.

The Bonjour Four said...

me too? are you preggo? haha im confused?