21 June 2010


No.. I'm not going there but I'm DYING to go!! I have been to Disneyland a gajillion times. Growing up, I was very lucky because I'm Mom took my sister and I there a lot. Well I can not wait until I can take Bennett there. I'm seriously anxious.
Maybe it's because I've been watching a lot of the Disney Channel lately. (Bennett is allowed to watch 30 minutes in the morning, he love love loves Mickey's Clubhouse!)

Anyway, don't even try telling me you wouldn't want to go! ;-)


Nikki said...

Loves the Mickey Mouse club already?! Maybe he'll be the next Justin Timberlake. Fingers crossed.

I think I'm ready for disney world. Last time I went to disney land it was way smaller than when I was in 1st grade ;)

Sylvia Cook Photography said...

It is a fun place, but you have a few years till little B can fully appreciate it!