30 June 2010

Excited for our trip to Idaho!

Just now I decided something. I think I'm going to start making my own hair accessories. Just a random thought.

We're goin on vacation! Friday, after Philip get's home from work, we will start our 10 hour drive to Island Park, ID and to spend the 4th of July weekend at our brother-in-law's cabin. Then either on Sunday or Monday we'll drive from there to Blackfoot, ID (this is about a 2 hour drive). This is where Philip grew up! Most of his family and best friends still live there or in surrounding areas.

Anyway, we are just SO excited for Bennett to meet all of his aunt's/uncle's/cousins! The weather there is showing mostly sunny in the 80's, we're going to have such a great time!

I am nervous for the drive though. I wonder how Bennett will do in the car that long? We decided to drive through the night because it's a higher probability he'll just sleep most of the way. If he doesn't - it will be one LONG, tiring car ride. Wish us luck!

That's all for today! Have a good day everyone!


Nikki said...

That sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to see all the photos! I like the drive at night idea. Watch out for deer!

I'll buy a hair accessory!

The Mommy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with the little guy. Driving with little kids is fun with a little planning.

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

FREAK he is cute!

Have fun on vaca! Love the 4th :)

Be sure to post any hair stuff you make so we can all see it!!

The Reluctant Blogger said...

I love this picture of Bennett! He is so adorable!

We did a 10 hour trip with James and he did awesome...driving at night was a big plus and stopping just before feeding time meant he wasn't hungry and having a fit before we were ready! Have fun and be safe!