15 June 2010

Random Randomness

I'm sick, I have a cold and I'm really sad about that.

Okay, The Bachelorette. I must discuss.

Did you see last nights episode? W.O.W

Chris L - You seem genuine. Kinda awkward, but sincere.

Chris N - Who are you? Seriously. Who are you? I don't think I've ever heard you talk?

Craig - You're kind of a chump. Not a fan.

Frank - You're quirky. You're cute. I like you.

Justin - You are kinda cocky. Haven't made up my mind about you yet, I'm leaning toward a big NO for you.

Kasey - You are seriously off your rocker. INSANE!!! Goooo home!

Kirk - I like you. That's all.

Roberto - Stud muffin, and a sweetie. You win.

Ty - Eh. Just kinda blah to me.

Okay that's all about that show.

Oh and last but not least, this little dude seriously makes me smile. I am in love with him!!!


Nikki said...

Seems like something is going on with this season. Confusion all over the internet!

What a sweet little laugh...and impressive duck noise ;)

Michael and Mindy said...

Okay. Totally agree with everything! Except that I really like Chris L. But I kind of don't see her keeping him until the end? And I laughed at your comment about Chris N. My sisters and I were saying the exact same thing. He has had zero face time and I've never seen him speak to Ali. Why did she keep him?? Oh, and I really don't like Justin. I think he seems so phony!

Lonny and Jesse said...

Umm you and I feel the EXACT same about each of these guys. Kirk reminds me of Lonny in some ways and I like him too :)

The Paper Mama said...

Oh this is so sweet. Very funny!

Johnny & Alli said...

Couldn't agree with you more about the Bachelorette! Funny!
Bennett is getting so big. What a cutie!!