13 July 2010

giveaway, nonsense, and a milestone.

I have so many things to say. So here is a RANDOM post full of nonsense, and some awesomeness! :-)

First thing is first. Nursing Mama's.... you HAVE to check out this giveaway.
Go to http://www.uddercovers.com/

Pick which cover you want and enter "cute" into the coupon code box. They will GIVE YOU THE COVER FREE! And all you have to do is pay $9.95 for shipping! Wish I had one of these way earlier! Would have made things so much easier.

Next. The Bachelorette.

Alli is annoying.
Roberto is too "perfect".
Chris is a nerd but I guess I like him.
Frank is emotional but honestly, he is the only one being realistic. The major problem with the "bachelor" series is that people are all gaga about some chick/dude they barely know. I'm glad Frank is wishy washy. It means he is seriously considering whether Alli is right for him or not. And it's not just a competition for him. Good for you Frank.
Kirk - you were my favey! I seriously love you. I'm so sad that you're gone because I will miss you. But honestly, I'm happy you are gone because you can do better than Alli.

Okay and on a similar note. The Bachelor Pad. Seriously????

Why oh why did they have to create this show? It sounds horrible. But I don't think I can resist. I HAVE to watch it. Dang it. I think my husband will blow a gasket if I start watching this. Ha ha.

MAJOR milestone.

Last night, was the FIRST time we laid Bennett down tired and he soothed himself to sleep!!!!! He's always been swaddled. Rocked. Cuddled.

Not last night.

He was tired. Hubby laid him down. He fussed for a couple of minutes. Hubby went into his room, comforted him for a minute (didn't pick him up, though). Baby babbled for a few more minutes, rolled around his crib for a few more minutes.

20 minutes later: Bennett, out cold.

all night.

8 hours. no swaddle. no rocking.

YAY!!!!! Let's hope he keeps this up!!

LOVE my boy.


Sylvia Cook Photography said...

I'll only comment on #3 since I don't need #1, and don't watch #2...ha ha.
But yay for Bennett, that's good. I new it would happen sooner or later. It is hard to give up the cuddling and soothing ritual though isn't it?

Angie McCulloch said...

Good Job Bennett! You're becoming such a big boy! Don't grow up too fast though! I watch the Bachelorette too...and although totally ridiculous, keep going back for more! I know I'll watch Bachelor Pad too...and embarassed to say I'm excited for it...haha!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

I guess i have been out of blog land for a while, because i have a million posts to catch up on. just saw this! yay! so exciting, right? dane puts himself to sleep, but he has to be swaddled. i guess it's not that big of a deal, but i'm excited for the day when he doesn't have to be anymore. anyway, yay for you guys!