30 July 2010

playdate & the pool

Had another playdate today! This time, with Hollie and her daughter, Natalie. And Jessica, and her daughter Riley. Sooo fun! They are both 2 months younger than Bennett. He loves the ladies.

Today was the very first day Bennett has been in the pool. I can't believe I haven't taken him down there yet!
Well, it was quite chilly! It was nice and warm but I guess some of the residents were complaining that it was too warm and not refreshing enough. PSSHHH. Well, boo. It was too cold to let the babies all the way in, but they waded a little. Bennett actually didn't seem to mind the coldness of it. But I could feel his little skin like ice so I didn't leave him in long!

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Jess Craig said...

aw, looks awesome!

Julia said...

Such beautiful pictures. You look fabulous momma!