19 July 2010

sometimes it's hard

sometimes it's hard being a mother. not because i'm impatient with my baby, or because he is doing something wrong.

but because sometimes babies go through things that we can't control and it's hard to watch them struggle.

my poor little boy has been very fussy the last couple of days. it breaks my heart because he's normally such a happy baby. i think he might be teething? orajel seems to help a little. i hope it gets better soon because it's hard for me to see him upset! all i can do is cuddle him and hope that he knows how much he's loved!


on another note, finally got the babe a high chair! it was time. he's been doing so much better with solids. although, it wouldn't appear that way by the look of the photo on the right. ha ha.

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Nikki said...

Ugh that's rough I'm sorry. So hard to see your baby in pain.

That is a darling highchair though. I know it doesn't make it better ;)

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Poor babe. :( There are some teething tablets that dissolve and work really well. Can't remember the name, but they are all natural.

{Katie} said...

I'm sorry. I hope he feels better soon. By the way...I love the high chair. It's adorable!

Oh Mandie said...

oh my goodness your lil babe is absolutely adorable and certainly has a fantastic pair of sparkling blue eyes!

Hope your lil man feels better soon, theres nothing quite like teething and I think that it might hurt the mamas just as much as the babes, if only emotional.

Danielle Chandler said...

Sorry to hear about you little man. My little girl is teething as well and we have been using the tablets. We like them because they are all natural and do not contain alcohol, like orajel.

Another thing that works wonders is the Sophie Giraffe (hopefully, it's not too girlie for your little man)