05 August 2010

Ask me anything!

I am a follower. Of all your lovely blogs, and ideas. So here we go!

So.... go for it! You can ask me anything you want! .... I will be as candid as possible in my answers! :-) Oh, and if you wanna join and do an "ask me anything" post, do it! Everyone else is :-)

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SewSara said...

how did you and philip meet?

what's your favorite baby product so far?

how did you choose the name bennett?


Jess Craig said...

1. what is your favorite cuss word?
2. do you bite your nails?
3. what chore do you rock at? which one do you hate?
4. how would your dream date night go?

Shawntae said...

Hooray!! I'm doing it too haha everyone who is anyone is doing it. haha jk

Ummm questions:

Where were you when you found out you were pregnant with your little man?

where you excited/scared?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What is your favorite outfit to wear?

Megan said...

Did ya'll want a boy first or a girl?

(And I decided to join in on the "ask me anything" too!)

Nikki said...

If you could get married again...anywhere...where would it be?

Also disposibles or cloth diapers and why?

Brittany said...

Favorite movie?

Favorite smell?

Favorite cartoon character?

if your handsome son would have been a girl what would you have named her?

Shawntae said...

I forgot one! What camera do you use? Lens?

jill said...

did you grow up in this area?
and do you think you'll be here forever?
when can bennett and corbin hang out? haha :)

allie said...

where did you grow up in WA?
what date were you married? (we were married july 2007 too!)
what is your favorite book?
how did you come up with the name bennett and what does it mean?
what photo editing software do you use (your pictures are AMAZING!)

Widge said...

just found your blog and have to say 9bet you get this all the time!...but what amzingly beautiful blue eyes your child has!!!

ok so um...what's your favourite outfit you own?.......hope that's not too creepy since we've only just met ;)

Julia said...

What type of camera do you use? What photo editing software do you use?

What are some of your favorite bands/ music groups? Overall favorite music genre?

What are a few of your favorite novels? What tends to be your favorite type of book? If you don't like to read why? (I'm guessing you do though but though I'd throw that in there just in case).

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

How have I not asked a question yet?? I was sure I had!

Since being a mom, what do you think the biggest lesson you have learned is?

How did you and your hubs meet?

What are the details of your wedding day, the little ones, that you remember?

Lacey said...

Man, I'm SO late getting to this post - everyone already asked all the great questions.

Let's see...I'm gonna have to dig deep and scratch bottom for something but I want to participate so here it goes...

1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

2. What were you like in high school?

3. What is the craziest, riskiest thing you've ever done?