18 August 2010

a little nostalgic

If you've been pregnant before, do you ever miss it?? I do. I mean, I don't miss the battle wounds from my terrible morning sickness. But I miss the excitement and anticipation. I know that someday, I'll be pregnant again (hopefully) and it will be just as exciting, but there is something SO special about your first pregnancy. Just the newness of everything--is so amazingly strange, yet comforting.

One of my best friends is about 20 weeks pregnant and sending me photos of her cute pregnant belly. I freaking love it. I'm just so happy for her and it reminds me of when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I remember looking in the mirror every day- watching my body change and grow. That was about the time I started to really feel my little man kicking and moving around. It was so surreal.

{somewhere between 25-28 weeks}

My other good friend is due any day now, she came to the pool with us the other day (at 39 weeks I might add, she was swimming and totally active, I really admire that. I was a lazy blob on the couch from 37+ weeks).
Anyway, she was talking about how "done" she is, she just wants to meet her baby girl. And I totally relate to that feeling. But on the other hand, part of me really enjoyed that feeling of "Oh it could be any day now!" I don't think I really appreciated how exciting that feeling was when I was feeling it. Rather, I was frustrated a lot when I'd wake up.... still pregnant.

I remember when that day finally came and I went into labor, and yes I blogged while I was in labor! Ha ha.
I can't explain the emotions I was going through. It was so overwhelming. Happiness, nervousness, wonderment of the unknown, relief....etc. And although I've felt those emotions before, never in the same context as I did that day. Unexplainable. But perfect.

The labor. Well, I don't need to get too far into this. We all have different labor & delivery stories. When I talk about mine, unfortunately, I tend to complain. Yes, I went through some painful/annoying/difficult things- but overall I am so happy with the whole experience. And not just because it brought me my baby, but because of what I am capable of. I am so proud of what us women can do.
I really shouldn't complain about it. Because though the hard parts are still fresh in my mind, I am so grateful for all of it. I am a stronger person because of my pregnancy, I'm a stronger person because of childbirth.
But above all, I am a more faithful person because of it. All of my beliefs were renewed 100x's over after that experience. My baby boy was meant to be mine. He is a child of God and deserves for me to look back on the experience in it's entirety- with a fond and thankful heart.

I can't wait to do it all again, someday.

And as excited as I'll be.... I will always cherish my FIRST pregnancy, and my FIRST childbirth experience.

{january 26th, 2010}

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Megan said...

I know just how you feel, Mandy! I miss being pregnant sooo much, it's hard knowing that we want to wait at least 6 months-1 year before trying for the #2.

I love having Caleb here, but I miss him being in my belly. That's a bond that is so precious and just can't be replaced.

Jess Craig said...

I MISS BEING PREGNANT TOO! sometimes i think i looked better pregnant. my face really glowed. my skin was amazing.

i think when my husband comes back (january) we're going to start everything all over again. i don't want my kid's to be too far apart in age.

Karli said...

Oh wow, that little guy was beautiful from the day he was born, wasn't he?! Geez! No pink and wrinkly phase for your guy. :-)

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

I can TOTALLY relate! I look back on my pregnancy a lot and kind of miss it. You're right..it it so special and such an amazing experience. Sometimes I look at Dane and think, "Did you really grow inside of me??" It's just so crazy! But so great. When I talk to my pregnant friends I am a tiny bit jealous. But, I'm SO glad Dane is here. And it won't be for a while, but I'm excited to do it all again someday!

Melissa said...

i have not been pregnant yet. :) can't wait, though!

just came over here from lacey's blog. new follower now! love your blog! what a beautiful baby boy! Love those eyes! :)

{Katie} said...

I miss having a reason for having a few extra lbs! :) I also miss feeling Jackson kick inside me...that part was so amazing to me!

Nikki said...

I don't like to be bloated... ;) Kidding kidding. I'm amazed what our bodies are capable of. When my Sister delivered I remember being in shock that a child was coming out of her!

I forgot how perfect Bennett's skin was when he was born. I mean still is, but it was so perfect!

Ashley Sisk said...

I can't wait to be pregnant and I look forward to the life you have. Now I think it's funny that you were blogging while in labor. I tend to think I would as well but my husband probably will look at me funny if I do. So, I will likely go through withdrawel. I loved getting to know a little more about you.

Zwickl Family said...

I absolutely LOVED being pregnant also! And although I never had morning sickness, I did that ultimate swelling at the end. I would do it all over again in an instant though!

Next summer we are trying for another and hope I get to share our pregnancies and babies again! :)

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I had a pretty rough pregnancy and birth, so I can't say I miss it. I will admit I get jealous when I hear the great experiences some people had. That's just silly of me.

I think another thing that's hard is knowing that I shouldn't be pregnant again. I feel like I should be starting the surrogacy/adoption process now... so my babies aren't aged too far apart.

Hmmmm, I just wrote a whole blog post in your comments! :D

Mandy said...

Hi, new friend (with a really great name) !

First of all, I have to say-- your baby is beautiful! Seriously! I thought newborns were supposed to come out looking all funky and wrinkly- but your baby's newborn photo is beautiful! You have such a cute kid.

This is my first pregnancy, and I am still at war with morning sickness. My husband announced last night he wants to have a "big" family. We had always talked about having two, so I asked what he meant by "big." His response, "Oh, I don't know... 8-10."
I told him we will be adopting most of them, then. Haha!

No, seriously, as difficult as pregnancy can be (and I am only barely 11 weeks into it), it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It blows my mind that God has given this incredible gift to us through being able to give life. I know as soon as I "pop" out my little one, and morning sickness memories fade away, I will feel the same way you do-- wanting #2!

Happy Wednesday!

Shawntae said...

I miss it soo much but then I think back to how crappy I felt! I look at my pictures though and almost think I looked better pregnant!

I just want another child but not to go through another awful pregnancy if that makes sense!

Brittany said...

I DO NOT MISS BEING PREGNANT! I wonder if I still have a prego picture up on my blog still! I didn't look so bad.. but I felt HORRIBLE!

Its much better having a 3 year old

Angie McCulloch said...

It is such a magical time! I love talking with other pregnant women and it just reminds me of how special it really is! So happy us girls were able to connect during that time!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

i have been missing pregnancy so much lately! i've also been so "clucky" for another baby. but then i wise-up and remember i already have one. :) i did love being pregnant though - such a special time, just you and your babe, when you don't have to share him with anyone! :)