06 August 2010

Your questions answered!

SewSara asked:

How did you and Philip meet?
We met through mutual friends at a halloween party! We were both dating other people at the time. Go figure!
What's your favorite baby product so far?
This is a tough one, cause there are so many! But I think, honestly, his car seat. He LOVES his car seat. It relaxes him, and he's the best little companion when we're out running errands. Not to mention, if he's ever fussy or upset, we can just drop him in his car seat and he calms down and usually goes to sleep. I know I probably shouldn't do that but whatev. I'm kinda sad he's almost grown out of it now.
How did you choose the name Bennett?
Actually the first couple of weeks after we found out we were pregnant, my husband told me he really like that name, and I kind of brushed it off. We really could not agree on any names at all so we just stopped talking about names all together for like 3-4 months. Then the last trimester of my pregnancy, we re-visited that name and a few others and made a small list to take to the hospital. And when our little bundle was born- I saw his little face and he was definitely a Bennett :-)
Oh and his middle name, Roy, is my husbands Dad's name.

Jess Craig asked:

What is your favorite cuss word?
Ya know, I actually used to have quite the potty mouth. But I really don't swear anymore. You'll really only catch me saying 'crap' and 'dang it'! :-)
Do you bite your nails?
I only bite them if one of them breaks and I don't have a nail file near by!
What chore to you rock at? Which one do you hate?
Hmm.. I think I rock at laundry. I'm always on top of it, well, the babies laundry anyway. I HATE doing dishes. That's probably why I don't cook much, can't stand the clean up!
How would your dream date night go?
If I could have my dream date come true, it would be something fairly simple. It would be an ALL day thing. Maybe the zoo first, a picnic, dinner at a really nice steak house. Then we'd go somewhere to watch the sunset!

Shawntae asked:

Where were you when you found out you were pregnant with your little man?
I came home after work and had a sneaking suspicion I might be pregnant because my period was acting strange. I was a week or so late and I was always so predictable. I took a home pregnancy test and then I took the dog for a walk. When I came back in, I checked the test and it said "PREGNANT"!
Were you excited/scared?
I was over the moon excited. I really didn't feel scared at all.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be so many things at so many stages in my life. I wanted to be a nurse at one point, probably cause my Mom is a nurse. Then I wanted to teach. Then I wanted to get into Psychology. Turns out, I got to be exactly what I was meant to be. A Mother & Photographer. :-) What is your favorite outfit to wear?
My favorite outfit is honestly my PJ's. I rarely get dressed when I'm at home. But if I had to choose an actual outfit that I could go out in, I think I'd say my dark denim and my gray/white striped shirt. Simple.
What camera do you use? Lens?
Canon 7D. And I most often use my 50mm f/1.4 lens. It's pretty much amazing.

Megan asked:

Did ya'll want a boy first or a girl?
I wanted a boy first. I admitted it in THIS post.

Nikki asked:

If you could get married again...anywhere...where would it be?
I would get married in Hawaii in the evening. That way, the wedding and honeymoon can be in the same spot! Oh and a gorgeous setting always helps!
Also disposables or cloth diapers and why?
I use Pampers disposables. I use disposables because they are easy and I am lazy. It's really quite simple, ha ha.

Brittany asked:

Favorite movie?
Do I have to pick just ONE?? I don't think I can. Hmm.. I think my ALL time favorite movie is Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Love it. Close second is the The Bourne Trilogy. I LOVE action/thriller movies. Of course I also really enjoy a good drama or comedy, but nothin beats the intensity of a good action flick.
Favorite smell?
Besides my baby? The perfume I've been wearing for the past 6 years, Dolce & Gabbana 'Light Blue'.
Favorite cartoon character?
Mickey Mouse.
If your handsome son would have been a girl what would you have named her?
If we had a girl, we had 3 names we would have chosen from: Evelyn, Helen, Claire. Not sure which name we would have gone with. (Helen is my grandma's name, just FYI). Those names, however, will not be in the running next time around.

Jill asked:

Did you grow up in this area?
I did. I grew up in Newcastle.
and do you think you'll be here forever?
I'm not sure. Possibly? Depends on my husbands work situation I think. We've talked about moving to Idaho, where his family lives. I'd love that!! But I don't see that happening in the NEAR future.
When can Bennett and Corbin hand out? ha ha :)
What a fabulous idea!!! Let's have a playdate!

Allie asked:

Where did you grow up in WA?
I grew up in Newcastle!
What date were you married? (we were married july 2007 too!)
We were married July 5, 2007. We had originally planned on July 7th, but when we went to book a venue, they were ALL totally booked for that day. We didn't realize that it was 07/07/07. So we changed the date to the 5th!
What is your favorite book?
"As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen. My favorite quote from the book: "A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts."
How did you come up with the name Bennett and what does it mean?
{See SewSara's questions above}
Bennett means "Little Blessed One"
What photo editing software do you use (your pictures are AMAZING!)
I use Photoshop CS4

Widge asked:
What's your favourite outfit you own?
{See Shawntae's question above}

What type of camera do you use? What photo editing software do you use? [this seems to be a popular question].
Canon 7D, Photoshop CS4
What are some of your favorite bands/music groups? Overall favorite music genre?
I love Kalai, Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, Keith Urban, Daughtry.. etc! Overall, I think I like Pop/Rock the best :-)
What are a few of your favorite novels? What tends to be your favorite type of book? If you don't like to read why? (I'm guessing you do though but thought I'd throw that in there just in case).
I'm not a huge reader, never have been. I do NOT read novels. I prefer to watch movies. If I do pick things up to read them, they are either spiritual, political, or something I can learn based on fact. Sometimes I will just get in these moods where I want to focus on something in particular and I will research and read all about a certain subject, and become an expert about it. But no novels for me. :-)

Michael, Mindy, and Dane asked: (no link, as her blog is private)

Since being a mom, what do you think the biggest lesson you have learned is?
I think the biggest lesson I've learned, is how to be 100% selfless. And how to put someone else's needs before my own, absolutely. And I've learned how important it is to be able to do that for your child. And I love it.
How did you and your hubs meet?
{see SewSara's question}
What are the details of your wedding day, the little ones, that you remember?
I remember specifically the music. I made a playlist of a lot of songs that were meaningful to Philip and I. And of course ones that I just loved. We had it playing while guests were arriving and throughout the reception. I also remember the slideshow my sister put together for us, it was so cute. But I think the thing I remember most is the duet my sister and her husband performed. She sang and he backed her up with the guitar. Everyone was crying.

Lacey asked:

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see us with another (maybe 2 *gasp*) kids. In a home with 4 bedrooms. A small yard for the kids to p lay in. Philip loving his job, me still doing photography. Loving my family. Cliche and idealistic enough?? ha ha.
What were you like in high school?
Ya know, sadly, I'm not sure I liked who I was in high school. I was the typical teenage girl. I was outgoing and social. On the drill team with some of my friends. In & out of destructive relationships. Didn't pay a whole lot of attention in class but did fairly decent. Mostly, I was just not grounded and didn't have a lot of direction. But I guess maybe that's normal?? It wasn't until I was 22 years old that I figured out who I was.
What is the craziest, riskiest thing you've ever done?
Hmm... I could tell you about some nutso thing I did when I was 18 y/o but I think honestly, the craziest thing I did was have a child. Really, as AMAZING as it is, isn't it crazy? We decide that our lives are forever going to be different when we have children. From here on out, my son is my life. And that is crazy. This little life is going to rely on me for EVERYTHING. I am responsible for teaching him, keeping him safe, helping him learn and progress to become (hopefully) a very honorable man.

Keep em comin!!

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Brooke G. said...

What a fun post!
I just hopped over and love your blog... photos are outstanding :D

mamahood said...

Great idea for a post!!!! your pictures are sooo beautiful!! and love the name bennett =)

Nikki said...

Dolce and Gabbana...Fendi and Madonna ;)

Loved this! Did you pick Evelyn after my Mom? Your recess teacher? ;)

Julia said...

7D!!! I am hearing all sorts of amazing things about that Camera lately. A childhood friend I connected with again recently was really trying to sell me on one. They are super pricey though but I'm intrigued.

I love this! Such a neat type of thing to be going around the blog0sphere.

SewSara said...

thanks! it's cool to read more about you!
i was good friends with becky growing up, so i still think of philip as the little brother running around ... haha. it's fun to see what a cute family he has now. :)
gotta love the blogworld and how we can all get reconnected!