26 October 2010

Blogger GNO!

Okay I'm the slacker of the bunch, I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog about our amazing PNW Mommy get together! Lame. Ha ha. But alas, here it is!!

And just wait, I have another post on the way starring Bennett & Ruari! You're going to love it. :-)

I feel so blessed to have met such amazing people through this blog, and ever more blessed that so many of them live in the PNW. Some of them drive a long way to come to these meet ups. How awesome is that?

So you probably remember the last bloggy get together with our babes? As fun as that was, we decided we needed a ladies night. I'm glad we did because it was awesome, we chatted for hours over appetizers at Rock Bottom, then a few of us went outside for a mini-mama photo shoot.

After that went and devoured some yummy italian frozen yogurt. You know, the stuff I raved about? :-)

I truly had so much fun, every single one of these women are nicer and more beautiful than they appear in their blogs. I loved our GNO.

{ chelsey, amy, brienne, me, melissa, jill, lindsay }
{ melissa and chelsey }
{ chelsey and melissa again, cause their awesome }
{ chelsey }

{ me! photo taken by chelsey }

{melissa }

{ chelsey & i, photo taken by melissa }
{ melissa & i, photo taken by chelsey }

{ the gals in ce fiore!  yum! }
{on the left::  me and amy in our matching cardigans, yes we did it on purpose. j/k! }
{ amy, my frozen yogurt, brienne }

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The Bonjour Four said...

awww ya'll are cute! looks like so much fun.

[ker-AND-uh] said...

Aww looks like y'all had a ton of fun! I'm jealous. I live in the PNW and I wanna join the mommy meetups!!! :( I need more mom friends.

sssdawna said...

those are some cute pictures!! get togethers are always fun and it's nice that you met cool ladies : )

m&msmommy said...

I'm so jealous that you all live close together! :) I need a mommy meet up! :) Looks like a great time!

flat yeast bread said...

So.....you have to be 100% adorable and dressed totally cute to attend?
I'm totally jealous, wish I lived over that way.

Megan said...

We are so going to have to plan a get together. I'll be in the Seattle area next July for a family wedding... maybe then?

Shawntae said...

Its so fun to see you all together and acting like best friends!!

I love all the pictures!! :) I get to meet Amy over Chritmas when she comes to Utah. Hooray!! :)

p.s I voted!!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

I had so much fun! I'm so happy to have met you through blogging.

Zwickl Family said...

Oh Mandy... You just had to. Soo not a cute picture of me. I'll take it though, I had a good time. :)

jill said...

love all these!!! i wish i wouldnt have went outside with you girls now darn it!

Jhen.Stark said...

Them are some hot blogging mamas! And I love your high heels!!!

Buckeroomama said...

You guys looked like you had a blast! It's so cool that you guys get to meet up and get together for a GNO. =)

AmyLee said...

ah man, now i wish i had gone outside for a photo shoot too! i said this on chelsey's blog too, i didn't cuz at the time stuffing my face with tasty appetizers seemed like a better idea. ah well.

i lOVE our matchings cardigans. we are awesome.

Brittany said...

You stink! I wish I could have been there! YOu made me super envious!

Andree and Josh said...

You look so cute in these pics! Love the yellow cardigan!